What is "Ecumenical Apologetics"?

Ecumenical Apologetics is an explanation (defense) of the Historic Christian Faith, in an ecumenical fashion.

After writing (yes, ink and paper) for years and all the while asking myself how to best describe what it is I was writing, I chose this term in 2000 or so when I first decided to put the piles of notes and articles I'd written to a website.

I admire dozens of apologists, Catholics, Protestants and even non-Christians alike - and those who participate in the "ecumenical movement" but I've long felt a need to fill a void between the two: To show that the two can and should compliment each other despite the common presumption that the two were not complimentary.

In too many cases, in my opinion, apologists are too "loose" with explanations and "proofs"; that is, they write with presumptions that their readership should not and does not presume - or they present material from a "why we are right and you are wrong" perspective rather than simply "why we believe".

I belive that history, facts and logic should speak for themselves.

And ecumenists (again, just my opinion) are sometimes too eager to gloss over important differences for the sake of being ecumenical.

Ecumenism and apologetics should work hand in hand.

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